Tuesday, August 3, 2010

kit-kat-toe: mochiads with haxe

I recently tried out Viktor Hesselbom Haxe Instructions for MochiAds and they work just fine.

Something like this...

% wget https://www.mochimedia.com/dl/MochiAPI_v3_8.zip
% unzip MochiAPI_v3_8.zip
% cd MochiAPI_v3_8
% mkdir -p foo/mochi
% cp -r mochi/as3 foo/mochi
% cd foo
% compc -source-path . -output mochi.swc -include-sources .
% unzip mochi.swc library.swf
% haxe --gen-hx-classes library.swf

Then just get the game id from the nice folks over at mochi and jam in the little bit of ad code.

One problem I had was that I found I needed to add a new MovieClip to the flash.Lib.current, use that for the ad and remove it in the ad_finished callback.

I had some mixed luck with swfmill... The old version I had (0.2.12) didn't complain about the mp3 I having the wrong bitrate... But when I linked against the -swf-lib from the new version it produced a blank swf!

So... I have no sound...

LOL... it is a very silly proof of concept... check it out

I call it kit-tac-toe

gory swfmill detail

To compile swfmill under Hardy Heron (I know... it's old)... I had to modify swfmill.c and add: extern char *xslt_simple;

And it still didn't work... I may try to use a newer box to see if my horked environment is why it didn't work right....

Here is the handy message I got from it...

Sampling rate: 32000
Error: Flash only supports sampling rates of 44100, 22050 and 11025 Hz
WARNING: MP3 file sounds/cats/meow.mp3 has a wrong sampling rate

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