Saturday, January 30, 2010

28-days as the Witch in Magic Realm

The witch is all about spells, here was my setup:
  • Absorb Esssence: grab a big monster to rack up fame/notoriety killing monsters and natives
  • Control Octopus/Spider: always nice to have company!
  • Broomstick: get me out of here!
Amazingly, the Pool and the Lost City were in the tile right next to the Dark Valley where I started!

Grabbed a Giant and the Pool Monster conveniently showed up! Time to kick some @$$!

The very next turn, the Pool Monster found the pool and pulled out: the Cloven hoof, the Black Book and Bejeweled Crown (50g, yo!)... Unfortunately this trapped the Witch as a Giant and on the second go 'round (ahem). the Pool Monster went down.

Next day I looted the "Sacred Idol" and decided to make a run for it.

The nearest dwelling was the Chapel which I barely arrived at in time abandoning the Cloven hoof so I could carry the Crown in Giant-mode so as to sell it the next day (day 27!)

My bro had told me short games force you to focus and I'd have to agree, but ... day 28, there was the Witch sitting there with the Black Book, one tile away from the Cloven Hoof... and... the game is over!


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